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The Stanley Kubrick Enhancement

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

All the illustrations are drawn by my alter ego. Her Insta handle is Themortalcoil7

The Stanley Kubrick Exhibition that was held at the design museum tells the story of of his unique command of the creative design process of film making, from storyteller to director to editor.

During our lesson with Lol Sargent called the Augmented Museum. We were asked to explore how we would redesign the exhibition space to make it more interactive.

The exhibition reminded us of a cabinet of curiosities. A place in which we could spend hours learning, observing, discovering. What if we contributed to this cabinet of curiosities and added other layers of information, only accessible through our smartphones?

In order to add more depth and add more fascinating content to this already rich exhibition.

The exhibition would have points (artefacts, texts, spaces…) that can be enhanced. These points are suggested in the image below.

The following images will showcase 4 ways in which we proposed to enhance the exhibition:

1. The Virtual Movie Critic

At the beginning of the exhibition, there could be a place that proposes you to go through the exhibition, while being guided by an art of movie critic.

2. Enhanced Text

Some of the handwritten letters were very difficult to read during the exhibition… Either because of the hand writing itself, or because of the large quantity of people in front of them, all trying to read them simultaneously.

Here, we could place our phones over a letter and get the letter directly on our device to read it on the spot, or save it for later.

3. Talk to the Twin

Get to know the twins!

This application will allow you to use augmented reality to bring the Twins alive when you hover it over the costumes They do not speak much in the movie… but here you can learn more about them. They have a lot to share with us!

4. The Creative Process

More than 300 poster proposals were made for “The Shining”. Only very few of them are shown in the exhibition space (one of the reasons why must be because the physical space does not allow it).

By placing your phone over one poster, we take you into the complete archive, in a chronological order, so you can follow the creative process.

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