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Ph706 : Neon Dystopia

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Story :

In a neon-lit dystopian world where humanoid robots known as Neo-bots are isolated and suspended in water tanks due to the spread of a new kind of virus that was causing them to malfunction.

In the year PH706, After four decades, the virus declines and Neobots break out of their glass tanks to reunite and celebrate their new-found freedom.

Experience :

Users can enter the VR experience using their laptop or VR goggles. You first enter a website with a video that narrates the story of the Neobots after which you enter the interactive party space called the PH706. Each room inside the experience consists of different music created by us. Space makes use of positional audio to not only experience the music through navigation but also to communicate with other users inside the platform. So far my team and I have thrown up to 6 to 7 Virtual parties inside our platform and received remarkable feedback.

Offboarding experience :

After the party, the users are invited back into the platform the following day to experience the additional narrative pieces of the story. In order to achieve this, we added hovering shapes with voice-overs with minimal sound effects. Each shape narrates different parts of the story.

In order to create the story, I brainstormed two ideations.

Idea 1 :

Idea 2 :

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