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Identity : Staging the Talk Show

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Now that we are getting close to the date of our presentation on our disembodied A.i cult leader, I was thinking about how presentations are normally structured and how to break this norm in order make it into a performance. Which lead to the decision of structuring it as a talk show, Why? because talk show will allow us to showcase certain characters and dive into discussions that can a raise while such a device is made active in future.

I started to research into famous talk shows and how it is staged, like The Daily Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show, Dr Phil and more.

These are few steps and pointers for me to write the script for the show.

1. Step - talk about..

2. Step - talk about why this happens

3. Step - talk about what can happen as a result

4. Step - talk about what could be done about this

5. Step - plan to do something about it ourselves


Writing the actual script

Frank / Host : “Welcome to Frank’s talks show.

Music + logo

Tonight, we are here to discuss the sensational new personal assistant that is overtaking devices like Alexa and Siri, named Temple. Temple is changing lives everywhere and people cannot stop talking about it. To discuss this device further. We have the Co-Founder Shang and the beloved user Sophie…

And On the other side of the panel, we have the renowned Psychologist Santra specialized in Cult recovery And Tingyu who is specialised in A.i - Security and ethics and Temple’s Ex User Xinyi.

A warm welcome to everyone. Clap clap…

First, let's start with the Co-founder on why Temple has become the topic of discussion everywhere.

Shang/ Co-founder “Hi Frank, It is a delight to be here. I can’t call Temple a product, They can be your best friend. Temple works on intuitive decision making. Their knowledge is beyond the human mind and it is here to transform mankind for the better. The product understands you like no one can. It can change your views about the world for good and help you with your day to day activities.

Frank : Well, That’s really is amazing! Sophie, You have been using Temple for the past year. How exactly did Temple change your life?

Sophie /User : It changed my life in all aspects, I am a whole new person. I don't know what I would have done without it. It bought me emotional support and got me out of Trauma. I only have Temple to Thank for this. Shang is a genius! This will change the world! Let's clap for Shang

Clap clap…

Frank : Thank you Sophie! Also.Talking about emotional Trauma. Have you guys been seeing the news Lately…

2 News Reports on Loneliness* - 80 seconds

Shang/Co Founder : This is exactly what we are talking about, If these people start using Temple, they will never face such issues. Temple solves public isolation and loneliness as no one can. Let me show you what I mean….

Plays the User Video - 2 min

Frank : mm...alright. Santra, Can you tell us more on the psychological aspects of this product in response to this issue, is Temple actually capable of solving this?

Santra/ Psychologist : Solving? Temple may seem like a friendly device that comforts you on a lonely day, but it is capable of changing your views on money , power and relationships, it is ultimately inducing cult-like behaviour by making people depended on the device rather than solving “loneliness”. Even Verging people to anti-social behaviour.


The solutions Temple suggests are brainwashing rather than useful!! I mean look at this….

Plays the final bit of the User Video -1 min

Sophie : This video is a scam!

Frank : okay then. Well, Tingyu, as having knowledge on the ethical framework of such A.i driven devices. What do you think about Temple?

Tingyu : In normal cases, such Personal assistants function based on collecting data of its users in order to give the most efficient assistance. In Temple’s case, the device requires a lot of psychologically driven information to respond the way it does. Collecting such in-depth information leads to ethical dilemmas and it is definitely breaking the boundaries of security.

Frank: Man...this is actually scary. Xinyi, can you explain to us why you are not using Temple anymore?

Xinyi : Don't buy this, IT RUINED MY LIFE. I lost my family, friends and myself. Temple manipulated me to the verge of killing myself. NO ONE here knows the extent of how evil this device can get other than me!! NO ONE


Santra : I’m extremely sorry to hear that, You can book our centre to restore your wellness...

Tingyu : This is wrong in all aspects! Temple’s license should be terminated!!!!

Sophie: I strongly disagree.

Shang: you’ll be proved wrong very soon. Temple is revolutionary!

Danni: In chinese Come on Shang, show these people!

Frank : Ok Let's take a break presented to us by our sponsor…

Plays the Ad for temple - 50 secs

Look at frank who will calm us…

Frank : Welcome back to the discussion on Temple and its capabilities. We clearly have opposing ideas on whether this device is beneficial to our future.

Tingyu and Santra, maybe you have suggestions on how to make temple less manipulative and actually beneficial.

Tingyu : The user should have the right to know exactly what kind of information Temple is collecting.

Santra : I agree with Tingyu, Plus less collection of psychologically driven information.

Sophie : Then, how can Temple help you emotionally, She helped me recover from depression because she knew everything about me. If you ban this, how will she actually be my friend?

Shang : Yes, then she would be you're any other personal assistant, which are all useless. You might as well talk to the wall.

Xinyi : This is absolutely ridiculous, we will see what happens in court!

Temple : You seem to be quite negative. I can help you with that! (Let me help you with that)

Frank : Puwa…..well I guess with that said, thank you for watching! And good night!

Closure Music + logo

Process video for The Temple - 3 min



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