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Heaven to Hell

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

During a sound editing class with Matt Lewis on how to use the program Reaper. We were divided into a group of three. To create a story/narrative by only using sound and not visuals, we decided to take the listener on a journey of going from heaven to hell. However, we wanted to distort this idea by making even heaven unbearable despite how soothing it might sound in the beginning. We also decided to add in an illusion of falling to the earth than to hell.


This was done by taking the song Welcome To Heaven by The Ruppes and editing it to repetition to an annoying level. In order to convey that too much of anything can become unbearable no matter how great it might be for you.


Hell is done by combining a few actions that are hell to us, like "the sound of chalk on blackboard", and other things that are misused or abused in this world.

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