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Decomputation : Gravity

For Project 2 of Decomputation we were asked to design an artefact that expresses the experiential qualities of gravity.

After couple of brainstorming and failed ideas, our team randomly came across an idea of creating an illusion of reversing time. What if the sand in the hourglass went in an upwards motion rather than falling down. How can we showcase this phenomenon?

For the first trial, We got a plain hourglass, iron shavings and a magnet. Though this looked like a great idea to us, the moment we moved the magnet close to the glass to bring the iron shavings up, it broke immediatly. The magnet was too strong, moreover we wanted to showcase the reversal in a more gradual manner rather than a sudden upward movement of the shaving.

So we decided to try this out in liquid, close to how lava lamps function. We mixed oil, water with food colouring and alka-seltzer tablet. This was a success! To accompany this we also decided to create something that showcases Microgravity. To showcase this we took a handheld fan, acrylic sheet, cotton and some dried leaves. We attached the fan on to a cardboard box and then made a cylinder out of the acrylic. We tried dropping leaves into the cylinder, which was a pretty sight. Then we tried the cloud. We hovered on top of the cylinder! You can see this in the first video.

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