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Decomputation - Counter Surveillance

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

For this week's project we were asked to design a method of counter surveillance.

" Without quite realising it we have fallen into a relentless regime of self observation. The result is a set of social and technological conditions through which a distorted reality has come about. One in which humans are the un-examined subjects of an invisible global network of digital surveillance. "

My team and I started by running certain portrait pictures through the facial recognition websites to see which areas are usually detected.

We wanted to created a wearable that would then tackle this.

This is the first piece we created. We wanted it make the wearable interactive. We made them using Leggos, which will allow others to customise the piece according to their liking and make it their own.

We had to play around with the Leggo pieces until the facial recognition cannot detect our faces anymore. After our first Feedback session, John Fass suggested us to create a wearable that is more of a fashion/runway piece if we want to make it attractive to others beyond the symbolic meaning of it.

So we started looking into pieces of jewellery, organic shapes and other materials.

Storyboard :

We collected few metal and copper pieces and started play around with it.

After creating the wearable, we decided to go a step further - we did a photoshoot, created a branding stylle and made it into a magazine layout spread

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