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Decomputation : Food

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Food in fairy tales performs a number of symbolic narrative functions. Like how Apples stand for temptation, gingerbread houses for indulgence and a loss of will. For this project, we were asked to come with our own modern fairytale and create a portion of food to accompany the story we create.

My story is about the City Of Glaso, about a boy named Joshua and Zoey.

Zoey is from an extremely modern city named Glaso, with technology that is from the future. while Joshua lives in the neighbouring village called Glayport who still follows a traditional lifestyle and agriculture.

They both somehow get matched on Tinder.

They decided to meet up to see whether they are compatible and to both of their surprise, they fall in love. Zoey's father Jeffery, is so not happy with his daughter's decision of dating a village boy and is trying whatever in his power to get rid of him.

Breaking News, City of Glaso is about to suffer from food scarcity. People started depending on alternative sources of food like bugs and microgreens to keep themselves alive. Vex an evil scientist decides to take this opportunity to invent a food that is called the "super green cube", he convinced the city that eating this single cube will give everyone the nutrition they require to survive this period. However, what people of Glaso don't know is, the Super green cube contains a secret ingredient which will lead them all to be under the mind control of Vex and his evil plan to destroy the city.

Everyone fell under the mind control of Vex including Zoey, Joshua decided to find the solution for this, he went back to his village to find a cure. He tried everything he could and nothing worked. Suddenly he remembered the recipe for his grandma's tea. Joshua remembers how her tea literally uses to fix any disease him and his family came across. The tea involves the simplest of ingredients, which is Tumeric, cinnamon sticks, lemon and honey.

The City was finally back to how it was. Zoey and Joshua continued their love story but this time with the blessing from Jeffery! The end.

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