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Identity: Transhuman

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Transhumanism is a movement which involves a radical technological transition. It is said to be more of the future of cognition rather than the future of human race itself. Which focus on developing technologies to enhance human being philologically and intellectually.

All the illustrations are drawn by my alter ego. Her Insta handle is Themortalcoil7

Transhumanists ideologies include :

1. Human brain is limited thus human evolution needs to be altered manually

2. Aging is seen as a decease. Sens is a research facility that works on reversing the effecting of aging.

3. Uploading our mind into a hard drive, where we live in a server also known as silicon- this will allow us to make multiple copies of ourselves and allow us to place us on any bodies.

It will give us Super Longevity, Super intelligence and Super Well being

"Will Robots inherit the Earths? Yes, but they will be our children"

Road Map of Technological progress so far:

1 Facial Coding : which ultimately means training machines to learn human emotions

2 Wearable : also known as embedables which are miniature devices that are actually inserted under the skin or deeper into the body. Mostly going to be used in medical fields.

3 Smart Pills : mostly to monitor your vital

4 Replaceable : Eg. Artificial eyes with zoom in capabilities.

5 Implantable memories :

6 Brain Net : Like virtual telepathy. this function will allow us to create music virtually or even drive cars.

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