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The Digital Dualist Dilemma

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Digital dualists believe that physical world is real and digital world is virtual. On the other hand , anti-digital-dualists claim that the online and offline worlds are actually highly intertwined, also known as augmented reality. They believe this categorisation into two separate world undermines the portrayal of your life on digital platforms. Augmented reality allows your physical life to be enhanced using digital platforms rather than seeing it as two separate identity.

All the illustrations are drawn by my alter ego. Her Insta handle is Themortalcoil7

“I abandoned my positive offline habits, and discovered new offline vices. Instead of taking boredom and lack of stimulation and turning them into learning and creativity, I turned toward passive consumption and social retreat” - Paul Miller

This idea that people who are overly active on social media platforms are "switched off" from the physical world is outdated. In fact the world is more connected than ever before. Majority of the time you meet up with people who you are consistently in touch with on digital platforms. It brings more people together and allow people to join more communities which are physical. Paul Miller, a tech writer wanted to test out the theory of digital dualism and decided to disconnect himself from the physical world. Which you would think might result in creativity and enlightenment, the kind of behaviour that is associated with disconnecting yourself from the digital world.

Rebuttal of Slacktivism

According to United Nations, Slactivism is defined as when people are willing to only take simple measure to support a cause and are not truly engaged or devoted enough to actually make a change. Viewing cyber activism and activism within the physical world being seen as two different things arises complications. In fact we should look into how they both interact and how we can make it more effective as a whole. Only cyber activism might not amount too much but in conjunction with the activism that is active offline, it can be extremely powerful. This intertwined effort of both the physical and digital world is called the augmented revolution. #Occupy is a movement, decentralised and leaderless, has mobilised thousands of people around the world almost exclusively via the Internet. To a large degree through Twitter, and also with platforms like Facebook and Meetup, crowds have connected and gathered.

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