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Maia: NO1R

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Link to the immersive experience:

Maia’s 2nd narrative-driven experience, N01R was created to accommodate different physical tolerance of post-humans. This multidimensional environment includes a surreal recreation of two elements of nature.

Story :

In the year ph4040, environmental disasters reached their peak and our current habitat was not suitable for sustenance. N01R was created to accommodate different physical tolerance of posthumans. This multidimensional environment includes spaces with extremely high oxygen levels, high temperature, no-light, underwater, and lastly a space with a metal suspension.

Individuals and newborns were separated and taken away from their families into different spaces to fit into their new habitats. riots broke out as post-humans fight to live with their families. This led a group of superhumans who can shuttle between each multiverse set foot into no1r.

Experience :

Users can enter the VR experience using their laptop or VR goggles. Space makes use of positional audio to not only experience the music through navigation but also to communicate with other users inside the platform.

Platform and experience created by : 

Santra Navas, Daniel Vera, Shiyou Peng,

Xiaoxuan Li, Ziwei Zhao

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