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In-Site by Maia

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Link to In-Site

Maia is a group of five Royal College of Arts Alumni including myself, Daniel Vera, Shiyou Peng, Xiaoxuan Li and Ziwei Zhao

Maia builds immersive customisable virtual events and exhibitions spaces, enabling gatherings of different types and scale. By employing narrative elements, Maia facilitates social interactions within a context - a spatial setting, a moment in time - a story. It is an endeavour that teleports users to different realities. 

In-site is Maia’s first exhibition created in collaboration with artists Patricia Mascarell and Rosie Hook. We provide an experimental space for artists and musicians to exhibit and promote their work. These spaces are fully customisable to cater to their specific themes. It allows users to interact with and navigate through the artist’s works, and also gives artists the chance to communicate with potential buyers and viewers.


Design Direction, Sound Design, User Experience, User Research and Testing

Collaborators : 

Daniel Vera, Shiyou Peng,

Xiaoxuan Li, Ziwei Zhao



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