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GOOGLE: Echoes


Echoes is an interactive mural created for  Google's Asia-Pacific HQ in Singapore. As lead-designer and assistant art director for this project, I endeavoured to develop a design that invites viewers to experience a selection of iconic Singaporean elements. Together with projection mapping, we used the theme of a tropical paradise and the principles of basic cartography to stitch the cityscape together. Through audio-visual touch activation, we were able to integrate sound and projection mapping to create an interactive, multisensorial immersive experience.

Client: Google Singapore

Company: Mural Lingo

Role: Lead Designer / Assistant Art Director

Size : 15 M X 3 M



google office wall 2.jpg
google office wall.jpg
google projection indication-01.jpg
google design sketch-01.jpg

Highlights of the process



Raw Video clips of the interactive projection mapping

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