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GIA UI mockup.jpg
GIA mobile application mock up 2 smaller

Brand and UI Interface Design

Gravitas is a cryptocurrency bank startup in Singapore that required a brand identity and user interface design for their currency exchange portal and Crowdbank venture. As a designer, in charge of commercial branding for the company, I designed the mobile app user interface, website, banners, logo, event flyers, name cards and tokens. In order to solidify their identity within Singapore’s cryptocurrency network. I chose a distinct colour scheme, including royal purple and light blue shades to represent the company’s commitment to their customers, and give it a clean and solid aesthetic that would be easily recognisable and trustworthy. Additionally, I was also responsible for liaising with the engineering team to develop the app and website.

mobile application sketch mock up-01.jpg
Gravitas Financiall (website mock up)-01
GIA trifold mock up.jpg
GIA brochure mock up back.jpg
Namecard GIA mock up.jpg
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